Engagement session FAQ's

What should we wear?

One of the questions we get asked most is, "What should we wear?"! Plan a 3-4 color palate for you that fits the season of your session. (Leave the matching white shirts at home!) We suggest to stay away from super light colors or pastels, solid black, neons, shiny fabrics and most importantly-- keep away from solid white! Think color, color and more color! Add in texture with leggings, scarves, jewelry, etc. Don't be afraid to mix and match and get creative! Be sure that you are comfortable in what you wear. Try on your outfit choices before your session and make sure you love them from all angles. We love when our clients send us photos of their outfit choices! Not only does this help us in planning, but it is a great way for us to offer recommendations and suggestions!

Most full sessions can accommodate 2 outfit changes. Keep in mind that most of the time your "dressing room" will be your vehicle and we are generally in public areas--so be sure to plan accordingly.

For the Ladies: Plan to wear your makeup a little heavier than your everyday look. We suggest that if possible, have your hair and makeup done professionally. We are happy to offer a list of stylists that we love! Thinking of getting a mani/pedi? Go for it! As far as tanning, our general rule is, NO (fake) tan is the best tan! And most importantly, just remember....when you feel like a hottie, you look like a hottie!

For the Guys: We recommend dark wash jeans (or other pants) and button front shirts. Stay away from tshirts with logos and shorts. If you tend to sweat (which is not hard to do in this Georgia heat!!!) be sure to wear an undershirt! Always opt for boots, loafers or a dressier shoe rather than your everyday tennis shoes.

Forecasts and Weather:

In case of inclement weather (including excessive heat/humidity, high winds, extreme overcast conditions, and rain), sessions will be rescheduled to a new date within a reasonable time frame. Keep in mind that we have your best interest at heart when making any decisions regarding weather! Photography is all about lighting--and we want you to have the best session possible!


In light of the Pinterest-crazed era, we have found that couples are easily caught up in the meaningless props they can DIY, rather than focusing on their love for each other. With that being said, if you and your love share a fun hobby or interest such as bringing the pups for a run in the park, or reading books and hanging out in the coffee shop, then by all means, let's do those things! Those ideas would no longer be considered "props", but an extension of you! Planning to do a Save-the-Date? Need help with ideas for your shoot? We are happy to help customize your session to fit your overall vision and style!

Choosing the perfect location:

We have several options for session locations in the Buffalo area, but we are always open to new ideas! Once we've received this form back from you, we'll make a few suggestions (if you don't already have one in mind) and work together to find the perfect location for you! The usual spots are natural greenery, in an orchard or just a fun, urban downtown vibe. Our favorite engagement sessions are the ones where the couples are actively involved in choosing the location that fits them the best!

A few additonal tips...

Practice laughing together, the "infamous" dip photo, and just kissing on command! Remember when you kiss to close those eyes and relax those lips! Avoid fish lips!

Get close! When you stand next to each other, you should always be touching! Wrap your arms around each other or hold hands! Even a few inches of space looks like a wide gap in a picture! Your closeness and love for each other will shine through! Expect to kiss and love on each other a lot!

Our number one rule for all of our sessions is to simply RELAX and have some fun! Try not to show up to your session overwhelmed and stressed. Our goal is to capture you right where you are! Often times candid photos end up being favorites over a more posed, "looking at the camera" one! Be prepared to play, act silly, and love on each other!